Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hello again! I thought Mark's post was relevant- going back to Peter's suggestion that I photograph buildings from indoors. Although I am not taking this approach for my current project, this is a nice example of what some of the imagery might look like. My project is more of an exploration of why the properties have closed and why they have not been bought again and repurposed. In order to best answer those questions it helps both photographer and viewer to see the exteriors just as potential buyers would first see the properties. 

Mark Tucker has a very insightful blog- check it out!


Posted in PersonalThe South by marktucker on February 7, 2010
Another one bites the dust. I shot this one early this morning. The Lincoln-Mercury dealership on 8th Avenue South, in my old neighborhood. I go way back with this one — i used to come here with my father, when I was a little kid. The signs on the doors of these places are always upbeat — they always say “we’ve moved!”, or consolidated with another location, but we all know the real truth.
I actually tried to buy a car at this place about two years ago. This dealership was one of the real old-timer mentalities; I was greeted by this awesome salesman, dressed in an orange three-piece suit, with matching tie, and a fedora atop his head, complete with feather.
I’m not sure why I keep shooting these pictures; they’re all starting to look alike. But my father used to trade cars all the time, when I was little, so he’d drag me around to these dealerships. I don’t even care about these pictures, as pictures; they’re just empty rooms with bad drop-ceilings. I think I just go there to pay my respects, like you go to Funeral Homes, when someone dies.

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