Thursday, April 22, 2010


I feel the need to clear up some issues that have been brought up regarding my project.
Peter suggested that I call the owners/real-estate agents of the buildings I am photographing so I can photograph from the inside-out. This would make a very valid, interesting project- and is something I may consider for the future. That being said, I have solid reasoning behind how I am photographing the project currently. If you are curious as to what those reasons are please refer to my proposal which is posted on this blog. The point of my project is awareness- and it is easy to be aware of buildings when you can identify them both within the photographs and in real life. If I photographed buildings from the inside it would not follow my ideas and my proposal...

Another comment on the project was how my imagery is similar to other photographer's work and doesn't feel original or 'my own.' I am an avid believer that to make great work, photographically or other, you must not only practice the art but be immersed in it: looking at photographer's work, reading books, studying history, etc. When a person practices these techniques their work quite possibly becomes a combination of many other artists they admire and study- but it also becomes their own. Using other photographer's ideas as a guideline for your work pushes you to make better imagery, as opposed to never looking at other work and being clueless and ignorant in the subject. So, I would say that the style of this project and others I am working on is unquestionably my own style- and has been for many years. I am sure my classmates and other professors will attest to that. 

Thanks for reading.

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